Gender Reveal Burnouts of Australia

We take a look at hottest trend in new parenthood - gender reveal burnouts


GENDER reveal burnouts are in the news today, with an exuberant South Australian couple’s pink smoke skid winding up on the Sunrise morning show after the BF Falcon in question went up in flames quite spectacularly. This raised the ire of SAPOL, warning of the risks to spectators and the potential to start bushfires.

While this belongs firmly in the ‘don’t try this at home’ department, there is no doubt a good gender reveal skid can be amusing. Here are six Aussie faves:

A VY Clubsport shreds a set to celebrate an incoming boy.

A VE HSV lets it all hang out.

Classic XW Falcon lays down some old school lines to celebrate a new girl.

A VE GTS smokes it up.

A VN takes it to the burnout pad to celebrate a new boy.

An HDT-kitted VE Ute lets rip in the garage. It takes a little while to get going on this one, but it’s still worth the smoke show.

A VY Ute crabwalks its way down a country road.

An 1100hp Monaro lights up the pavement.