Maximum speed and minimum rules. Sound like your kind of motorsport?


In the latest issue of Street Machine we take a sideways step into the world of Time Attack racing. Ultimate speed is the name of the game, and it has captured Aussie attention.

Drivers and spectators love it for the same reasons. It’s pure motorsport. You can take almost any car and get involved. Classes range from the street legal to the truly mad. The fastest cars are virtually unrestricted, limited only by imagination and budget.

Japan is the sport’s spiritual home, but today the premiere competition takes place on Aussie soil. It’s called the World Time Attack Challenge and after five years of growth it has become a huge petrolhead festival including a raft of sideshows. As well as the main event there’s a drift comp, a straight-line speed event, a show and shine and more.

The aim is fastest outright lap time. Drivers will use any means necessary to take home top honours. Loose regulations make for a hugely diverse field of cars from Australia and overseas. It’s a far cry from the heavily controlled environment of conventional motorsport.

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