The weird and wonderful cars of the Facebook Marketplace


EACH week, we scour the fringes of Facebook for the choicest tidbits up for sale or appreciation. Suggestions are welcome; please direct them via email or your social media of choice.


 ALL the way from the Phillipines comes a left-hook, four-pot LJ Torana S. While Aussie-delivered four cylinder Toranas of this era had the shorter HB-style front sheetmetal, this one has the longer LJ front.

 The motor is different too, a 1.9-litre Opel, instead of the 1.3 and 1.8 Vauxhall units used in the TA. It certainly looks well cared-for, but at 500,000 Philippine Pesos (currently AU$12,884) you’d really have want it to justify bringing it to Oz.

 Though, it would be fun freaking out folks with a left-hand-drive Torry and your local cruise night.


 BUILT by Queensland hot rodder Ashely Bogg, this windowless FC Holden panel van is a sweet car. So much so, that we featured it back in Street Machine November 2005.

 Apart from the FE grille and side trim, the body is mostly stock, but is as-smooth as you’d like. The real action is in the driveline – a small block 283 Chev, TH700 with column shift and 10-bolt LSD. It looks for all the world like a factory job and if we had a spare $50K, we’d be buying this car. And the funny thing is, when Ashley found the car, it was in terrible shape and running a diesel engine!


 The late 80s and early 90s were dark days for Ford fans Downunder. The V8 was long gone from the Falcon range and the sportiest thing the factory had on offer was the mechanically stock S-Pack. Luckily, the aftermarket had our backs, with the likes of Mike Vine Turbocharging developing popular turbo kits for the 4.1-litre six.

 Which is what you’ll find under the bonnet of this 5-speed XE S-Pack wagon, up for sale on FB this week. The seller reports that the car runs and drives nicely, but that the body needs work. Would be great to see this piece of Aussie aftermarket history back up and running!