Carport build: 1968 Jaguar 420G

Mike Rotchburns has saved a $1600 Jag from the crusher


“I picked up this Jaguar 420G from the scrapyard about 18 months ago (they didn’t want it either) as a “no returns, good luck” sort of project. I welded up the entire thing, and it needed everything: two front floors; a foot of sills on both sides; A-pillar posts; both guards; all four doors; the boot floor; the rear floor; the driveshaft tunnel; the rear quarters; all the jacking points; the rear windscreen channel; under the rear bumper; under the front bumper; the boot floor and bootlid – and that was just to get it to a point where I could work on it.

“The car was overhauled in my open carport, which leaked. As I was dealing with rare European parts, I had to adapt various bits like a brake master cylinder out of a 1999 HiAce in place of the original Dunlop cylinder, and HG Kingswood tie-rod ends. I painted it in black enamel (the sort you paint your wheelbarrow with), gave it zero panel beating, and retrimmed it in green leather from its rotted grey.

“It’s running 20thou-over pistons, a shaved cylinder head, a 3.23 Thornton Powr-Lok LSD IRS rear end, four-wheel disc brakes, and zero horsepower but ridiculous torque. It’s a real beauty to hammer down the road, and I’ve been using it as a daily driver on full rego.

“The car is ridiculously cool and I love its survivor look. But why did I commit so much time, money and effort into it in the first place? It had triple carbies, baby – any car’s worth it for that alone! Come watch the resto on my Cut Cat YouTube channel.”