This story was originally published in the April 2015 issue of Street Machine magazine

SOME engines are all about the wow factor, and this 427ci Arias Ford Hemi from Python Vehicles Australia fills that niche nicely. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the go to match the show, it’s just they wanted something that would make even the most jaded car guy sit up and take notice. Before the boys detuned it, this fat-headed monster was pumping out 750 horses, but they’ve tamed it down to about 550-600hp for street duties.

“It’s going into a ’66 Fastback,” George from Python says. “This engine is designed to sit under the bonnet of an AC Cobra, or most muscle cars, so nothing will be poking through the bonnet at all. We don’t want it to give anything away.”

Ford -Hemi -427ci -1-logoAt the moment the 427-cuber is running a single Edelbrock 800cfm Thunder Series, but George from Python Racing reckons it could be set up for a pair of carbs easy enough

The engine itself is based around a 9.5in-deck 351ci Windsor with a 4.125in bore and 4in stroke. The whole package comes from Arias in the States, and George says he can get you one if you’d like; figure on $25K, depending on the exchange rate.

Ford -Hemi -427ci -3

Externally, the Mustang will look like “a bit of a rat” according to George; kind of like a barn find. But it had to be streetable.

“It’s totally a cafe cruiser. The customer wanted us to come up with a concept. We showed him this and he just loved it,” George says. “It has to stop and handle, so it’s getting four-spot brakes all ’round and a double A-arm front suspension from TCI. We’re using all their gear because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. There’s been no expense spared on the mechanicals and driveline. We’ve cut shock towers out and we’re converting it to right-hand drive, and adding a dry sump.”

The boys reckon they’ll have it finished in early to mid 2016 – hopefully they’ll give us a drive.

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