Valvoline Street Machine of the Year 2016 contender: Raelene Drew's 1966 HR Holden Premier

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RAELENE’S immaculate HR Premier sits next to husband Mark’s Torana in the Drew family garage, but don’t be fooled by the flat bonnet and mild-mannered appearance; it’s the quicker of the two!

They bought the car from Raelene’s brother and have owned ‘Henry Rollins’, as it’s known, for 14 years. It originally ran a Holden red motor, but it wasn’t long before Mark fitted a 350ci Chev, then a seemingly endless stream of small-blocks, right up to a 434-cube stroker.

After plonking a spare, rooted LS1 in the engine bay just to see how well it would fit, Mark treated Henry Rollins to a cheap but working LS1 and bolted up an eBay-special turbo. Strip times started tumbling, down from 10.68@136mph with the small-block to a 10.01 on E85 and 14 pounds of boost pumping through that old LS1.

With Raelene and Mark now drunk on LS power, they commissioned a cast-iron LQ9 with a Callies crank and rod package and a few other bits and pieces – but nothing special, Mark reckons, a testament to the strength of the LS motors.

A new S480 turbo and cheapie air-to-air intercooler allowed boost to be cranked to 18psi, resulting in almost 700 horses at the wheels, and despite extreme inlet temperatures, Henry still managed a 9.22@155mph.

A bunch of other minor changes have now seen the HR twirl the treads to the tune of 807rwhp and run a ridiculous 8.76@160mph; not bad for a 50-year-old sedan still sitting on near-stock leaf springs and a basic set of Pedders.

Backing the 403ci LQ9 is a Reid Top Sportsman Powerglide with an adequately sufficient Dominator 4000 stally. The trusty powertrain combo is all well-hidden, with nary a knob or switch out of place in Henry’s 100 per cent stock-looking interior – so much so that the horn rim doubles as a transbrake button!

The HR earned internet fame thanks to video of Mark perching precariously on a standard Premier bench and slamming the ’Glide up a gear using a vintage column shift! Nowadays though, it sports a rollcage and race seats.


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