Holden HJ One Tonner in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Blake Attard brings old-school steeze to the YSMOTY stage


One Tonners proved uber-popular among the huge YSMOTY entrant list both now and in 2022. It was a tough choice, but warehousing worker Blake’s retro example shone through. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am 22 years old from Sydney, and this is my 1974 HJ One Tonner (with HQ front). Holden has played a big part in the history of my family from as early as I can remember, whether be the daily run around for the family or Dad’s performance vehicle.

I purchased my 1974 HJ One Tonner from a father and son in Lithgow in November 2019, after watching the Facebook Marketplace advertisement anxiously for six months as I saved the money to buy it.

The cab was already painted in Holden Sting Red when I got it, along with the black HQ bonnet stripes and GTS grill. It also already had the 308 in the car at the time (which my myself and dad made improvements to later), with the original M20 gearbox. We later found out it was a factory 253 high-comp car.

My father and I have spent a bunch of time bonding over the car, making lots of little improvements during my ownership. The interior has been completely re-done; we rebuilt the 308 with some spicy bits, rebuilt the suspension and a whole heap more.

It has been an experience full of learning and great joy over the course of owning this piece of Aussie muscle and history. Overall, I like to treat my ute as a symbol of the bond my father and I share over cars, and the effort we both put in together. We cherish every moment spent together driving it and working on it, and regularly take it to car shows whenever we can all over NSW.”


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