Cooly Rocks On 2018: Top Ten and Gallery

A massive gallery of hotties from this year's Cooly Rocks On

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

IT has been a couple of years since the SM team has made the hike northwards for the annual Cooly Rocks On festival. And even though Cooly now has some competition from the Beachfest shindig held on the same weekend on the Sunshine Coast, we can report Cooly is still a good thing.

Photographer Chris Thorogood drove up for the show this year with a few mates, all driving old-school yank pickups. They had a ball and checked out the Winternationals too. That story will be in the August mag, on sale next Thursday. In the meantime, here is a massive gallery of Chris’s photos from Cooly, including ten cars that we loved, but didn’t have room to write about in the mag. 

1. Chevrolet SS

We didn’t manage to catch up with the owner of this South African-export model, but rest assured, sir or madam, we loved it!

2. LC Torana

Everything about Ivan Beazleigh’s LC Torana gets the thumbs up from us. Hot six, colour-coded triple 40mm Webers, Hotwire rims and lashings of chrome and braided line? Yes please. 27 years in the build and almost entirely home-brewed

3. Pro Street XR Falcon

What a toughie! Great stance, cool colour and – presumably – plenty of horsepower

4. 1963 Lincoln Continental

The ultimate cruiser. They’re big, they’re overly-complicated under the skin but the styling was a revolution 

5. XP Falcon coupe – nice and classy!

7. Chevrolet Corvair pick-up

It’s air-cooled and a bit mental, but you can’t fault the styling or the fold-down, curb-side gate!

8. 1970 Rambler Rebel

AMCs seemed to be in abundance at this year’s show.

9. XK Falcon panel van

More Convo Pros! Extra points for the sunvisor and for modifying a rarity! 

10. HQ LS Monaro

But on the other hand, when was the last time you saw a stock LS Monaro? Points for being a survivor. Check out the gallery for more!