Tuff Mounts LS-powered Mitsubishi Sigma in the build – Video

Tuff Mounts gets set to campaign a V8 Sigma at Drag Challenge 2019


NO DOUBT about the good folk at Tuff Mounts: not only have they been involved with Street Machine Drag Challenge since day dot as class sponsors, but they’ve never been content to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have a fat time. They sank a grand total of $10,000 into their cross-bred Barra-powered Commodore ute, managing to run 10s, finish the event and grin like utter idiots in the process.

But with the ute sold off to family friend Craig Tropeano, and the company’s Barra-powered Fox-body Mustang not quite ready to roll for DC 2019, Tuff Mounts frontman Jason Waye set out to revisit his youth with one of Mitsubishi’s finest-ever offerings: the Sigma.

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Jase tracked down a mint example in Melbourne, already V8-equipped and a staunch little streeter in its own right. But the plan is to relieve the car of its Holden bent-eight so it can become a Tuff Mounts development mule for LS conversion hardware. Yep, you’ll soon be able to purchase off-the-shelf engine mounts to stuff an LS into a Sigma of your very own.

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The car will soon be fitted with a warmed-over LS that Jason hopes will put it in the low-11/high-10-second zone. It’ll be a fun build, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!