Despite his twin-turbo Gem struggling in the heat, Luke Pellas is loving his first Drag Challenge campaign

Videographers: John-Paul Beirouty

LUKE Pellas and his better half, Megan, cruised their GMZILA Gemini from Castlemaine in Victoria to Adelaide for Drag Challenge, with a trailer in tow. The car is suffering in the heat and performing short of its full potential, but the pair are enjoying the Drag Challenge experience.

 The car runs a warmed-over 3.8-litre VN V6 engine and a pair of turbochargers, backed by a manualised Turbo 700 transmission with a 3500rpm converter, and a 31-spline BorgWarner rear end.

 “This is the first time I’ve done the event, but I knew a few guys who have done it and loved it, and I had to get involved,” Luke said. “I love the camaraderie of it. I had a couple of issues at the caravan park in Adelaide on Sunday and everyone was willing to help. When we were driving to Mildura yesterday, every time we saw someone broken down we were always willing to help. You meet new friends, and it’s been really good.”

 The Gemi was shy of its usual 11-second pace in Adelaide with a 12.2@117mph pass, but managed to go a few tenths quicker over the eighth-mile at Mildura on Day Two. If Luke can run somewhere into the 11s towards the back end of the week and drive the Gemini home after the event, he’ll be stoked!