Eight-second twin-turbo XW Falcon at Drag Challenge Weekend 2018

Mark's twin-turbo Ford-powered is in second place after day one of Drag Challenge Weekend

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

Having run a PB of 8.0 and 172mph today at Willowbank Raceway Mark Van Der Togt’s XW is a sure fire contender for Tuff Mounts Radial Blown class Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend. Powered by a 393ci Windsor-headed Dart motor, and a two-speed Reid-case Powerglide auto Mark’s heavyweight 3795lb four-door uses twin Garrett GT35 turbos pushing up to 28psi to make an estimated 1600hp on the Moroso calculator.

 “I ran an 8.23 at over 160mph but as I went through the traps I pulled the ‘chute and it went around on me,” says Mark. “I think I stood on the brakes too hard as it swapped ends in its lane and ended up facing the wall.” Mark has owned the car 20 years and took it off the road in 2005 to build the current combo. Finished in 2009 he has been improving it, but only recently stumbled onto key improvements.

 “We pushed the exhaust from 3in to 3.5 and it instantly cured the issue with it nosing over,” says Mark. “It still runs a hydraulic roller cam, but the lose up the top end today made me rethink everything. I was so lucky not to end up in the wall. I think I hit the brakes too hard and it picked a rear wheel up.”