Drag Challenge Weekend 2018 Boostane Outlaw Blown and Aspirated: Day two update

A look at the big-tyre classes at Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend 2018, sponsored by Boostane

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Nathan Jacobs

Boostane Outlaw Blown is a small class at Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend, but it boasts an outstanding variety of cars.

Noel Inman’s nitrous-assisted small-block-powered ’22 Ford Centre Door oozes character, and perennial Drag Challenge competitor Greg Mason is back with his nitrous-snorting Chevy El Camino.

But at the conclusion of Day One’s racing, Tanya Thompson had forged a comprehensive lead of over two seconds with a blistering 8.5-second pass in her insanely tough turbocharged VH Commodore.

Unfortunately it was all to no avail, with Tanya’s car falling afoul of the wallopers en route to Warwick Dragway on Day Two, effectively ruling her out of competition and reducing Outlaw Blown to a two-horse race.

Noel Inman now holds a handy 1.2-second lead over Greg Mason, but with Greg and his son Lewis having overcome some fuelling issues with the El Camino today, they are confident that they’ll go quicker when they return to Willowbank for Day Three of the competition.

In Boostane Outlaw Aspirated, Drag Challenge regular Stephen Micallef’s big-block HQ One Tonner is leading the charge, having gone 9.29@148mph at Willowbank on Day One, and 6.25@112mph over the eighth mile at Warwick today. It hasn’t been plain sailing for Stephen, though. He’s had some difficulties on the road, including a nasty engine bay fire, which he managed to extinguish before any serious damage was done. Watching Steve black-track the entire length of the Warwick eighth mile while battling to keep the big Quey off the wall was a real highlight of today’s competition!

The remaining Outlaw Aspirated podium positions are currently occupied by Rahim Tarr’s Falcon, and Steve Reimann’s Dodge, the latter of which smashed the spider gears in the diff today at Warwick. Steve was lucky enough to come across some kind-hearted locals who loaned him a workshop in which to repair the Dodge, and it’s now back in the hunt.