Drag Challenge 2019 ANDRA licensing update

Drag Challenge 2019 is just 16 weeks away! Here are some tips to help make sure your car is ANDRA-legal for the event


ENTRIES for Street Machine Drag Challenge 2019 are open now, and we’re getting close to 200 entrants already. To make things easier than ever, we have been working with ANDRA to come up with a simpler way for interstate part-time racers to take part.

In the past, one of the major issues stopping interstate racers from competing was the burden of needing a different licence to what they required at their home track. ANDRA has come to the party with a Single Event Licence that will cover entrants for the duration of Drag Challenge.

Drag Challenge licence updateLast year we had some issues with a few racers running outside their tech speeds, and so there is no repeat of that for this year, we will require all Drag Challenge entrants to have an ANDRA licence; an ANDRA Super Street licence will be required as a minimum. These can be purchased online at andrashop.com.au, and they are perfect for those slower than 10.99 (or 9.99 for cars newer than 2008). These cost $144 and last 12 months.

For those with cars quicker than 11.00 (or 10.00 for cars newer than 2008), racers will require an ANDRA UL (Unlimited Licence), or an ANDRA Single Event Licence. The Single Event Licence costs $150 (versus $319) and will cover the five days of Drag Challenge 2019; it also includes 12 months’ full ANDRA membership. You will need to have this sorted before you check in at registration at Calder Park Raceway on Sunday 10 November.

drag challenge weekend 2019There is no geographical requirement for a Single Event Licence, nor are you required to hold an equivalent licence with an alternative sanctioning body. In plain English, if Drag Challenge is the only drag racing event you wish to do for the year, you can purchase a Single Event Licence that will cover you just for the duration of Drag Challenge. You will still be required to have a medical certificate (good for two years), and have a current ANDRA Tech Inspection and logbook, but you won’t need pay for a full year’s licence.

There will be several free Tech Inspection days organised in the lead-up to Drag Challenge to help people get their cars sorted, and we’ll notify entrants about these as information becomes available.

For any further licensing, logbook or technical queries, email ANDRA at [email protected] or call them on (08) 8271 5355.