Drag Challenge 2018 Day Three results

All the Day Three action from Mildura’s Sunset Strip eighth-mile


IT WAS another big day for Street Machine Drag Challenge today, this time at Mildura’s Sunset Strip.

Overcast conditions this morning gave the early runners an edge on those that were slow to get into the staging lanes. Lorenzo Gullotto from WA set the pace for the day, running a 4.972-second pass at 144mph over the eighth-mile strip, etching himself into history with the first four-second pass over that distance in Drag Challenge history.

At the top end, the overall leaderboard stayed the same, with Harry Haig, Frank Marchese and Adam Rogash all protecting their positions.

The casualty list included Mark Drew, who was unable to proceed in the Crusty Torana, despite some heroic efforts by the crew in the pits.

Terry Seng is still in the competition, after replacing a faulty turbo last night. He rolled through the traps to record a 5.9-second pass, but is looking forward to turning up the tap tomorrow back at Swan Hill.

Bubba Medlyn has also replaced the gearbox in his VH and is heading to Swan Hill to make some exhibitions passes tomorrow.


   Culmulative ET
1Harry HaigHQ Holden19.377
2Frank MarcheseXW Fairmont19.488
3Adam RogashVK Commodore19.743
4Lorenzo GullottoVL Commodore19.772
5John RiccaVL Commodore BT120.116
6Mark DrewHolden Torana20.19
7Luke FoleyVH Commodore20.479
8Ben VlekkenHolden Commodore20.682
9Matt LampardHZ Kingswood21.028
10Mark van der TogtXW Falcon21.346

turbosmart outlaw blownTURBOSMART OUTLAW BLOWN

   ETMPHCumulative ET
1Harry HaigHQ Holden5.183145.4519.377
2John RiccaVL Commodore BT15.266134.7120.116
3Alex MoshopolousXY GT Falcon5.566128.8422.487
4Mark SassVT Berlina5.809126.3422.635
5Marcus HoweFord Falcon6.05117.1123.01
6Jake EdwardsHolden Torana5.909118.5423.727
7Cory ReadFord Falcon6.266110.7324.413
8Joshua GrantHolden Commodore6.348109.1424.652
9Mark WhitlaFord Capri6.457104.4125.311
10Noel Inman1922 Model T8.28155.528.262

outlaw aspirated classTUFF MOUNTS OUTLAW ASPIRATED

   ETMPHCumulative ET
1 Daniel Cassar1932 Ford three-window coupe6.29107.2526.239
2 Mark BusscherHQ One Tonner6.308107.5126.466
3 Jon MitchellDodge Challenger6.766101.1227.976
4 Dave RogersHK GTS Monaro7.63481.1728.695
5 Stephen WilliesFord Ranchero6.96697.829.185
6 Bruce HowieFord Falcon ute7.26496.0930.755
7 Grant GrechHolden Torana7.60988.831.644


   ETMPHCumulative ET
1Frank MarcheseXW Fairmont5.132148.4819.488
2Adam RogashVK Commodore5.262142.8819.743
3Lorenzo GullottoVL Commodore4.972144.2419.772
4Mark DrewHolden Torana5.48116.7620.19
5Luke FoleyVH Commodore5.27138.2320.479
6Ben VlekkenHolden Commodore5.304132.6220.682
7Matt LampardHZ Kingswood5.438132.0621.028
8Mark van der TogtXW Falcon5.489131.6421.346
9David BestVY Commodore5.573128.2721.551
10Phillip EdmondsonXB Falcon coupe5.685124.9721.568


   ETMPHCumulative ET
1Alon VellaFord Capri5.574123.6623.376
2Dylan McGaviganFord Cortina6.272107.5926.256
3Peter HaravitisidisFord Falcon GT6.361108.926.362
4Nathan GhosnFord Capri6.298109.326.38
5Jarrod WoodFord Falcon6.398106.1526.501
6Keith HardsChevrolet Camaro6.529110.5126.75
7Donnie ZurcasEK Holden6.468107.3226.81
8Michael TitmarshTD Cortina6.647104.8427.374
9George HaddadXR Falcon6.696104.8127.522
10Michael RyderVN SS Commodore6.767101.5628.604

dial your own classK&N DIAL YOUR OWN

1Alysha TealeHQ Holden7.25611.28308-0.00708
2Darren ParkerVF Sportwagon7.56711.766685-0.007315
3Chris MartinChevrolet Camaro7.74712.046585-0.008
4Daniel GrimaChevrolet Bel Air7.52611.70293-0.00807
5Paul ToppingVF HSV ClubSport7.00910.898995-0.009005
6Scott McKenzieFE Holden7.24911.272195-0.011
7Zaaron TitmarshAU Falcon wagon7.98212.41201-0.01101
8Kris AllanHG Holden7.65311.900415-0.011415
9Steve NightingaleFord Falcon7.17111.150905-0.014905
10Steve GrimaVK Calais6.69710.413835-0.015

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