Crusty Torana cracks the six-second zone

Plenty of Drag Challenge alumini runing hard in Kenda Radial testing at Sydney Dragway

Photographers: Chez Prior

Mark Drew’s Crusty Torana has smashed through the six-second barrier, running a stonking 6.98-seconds at 198mph at Sydney Dragway today. Drewy is competing in the Outlaw 275 class.

Queenslander Steve Carkeet finished third in Pacemaker Radial Aspirated in his super-angry HQ sedan at Drag Challenge Weekend in 2019, but lately has been getting a handle on this twin-turbo, LS-powered EH race car.

Steve and his team have been creeping up on the combo and were today rewarded with their first seven-second pass, to the tune of 7.919-seconds at 175mph. He then came about out and went quicker again, with a 7.89-second run at 176mph.

Pat O’Shea’s XR is another staunch competitor in Paceamker Radial Aspirated warfare. The TOCA-built SBF combo recently made 800hp at the hubs and the team is hoping to crack into the eight-second zone once sorted.

There are stacks of super-fast Outlaw Radial cars testing as well, including Wade Wagstaff’s stunning ’57, which went 3.68-seconds over the eighth-mile.

Terry Seng is piloting this wild billet-LS powered Dodge Stratus, owned by DCW racer Brad Lane. It is early days for the combo, but Terry came out with a stonking 4.01-second pass at 179mph over the eighth-mile on its very first pass.

Other big names in the mix include the Szabolics/Marchese Camaro, Simon Kryger, Daniel Nunziante, Joe Gauchi, John Ricca and many more.

There is more testing tomorrow, with race day on Saturday. Get down there!