Mark Mills's LH Torana runs low nines with a stock bottom end Toyota 2JZ turbo motor


MARK Mills must have been the only LH-LX Torana in the Haltech Radial Blown class not running an LS-based engine. Instead, the sleeper four-door sedan rocked a 1990s three-litre DOHC 2JZ-GTE straight-six from the Toyota Supra and Aristo.

 Mark replaced the 2JZ’s factory twin turbos with one giant Garrett GT42 pumping a healthy 30psi into the infamously tough stock Tojo bottom end. “It has Kelford cams and valve springs, and runs on E85 at the track,” Mark says. “Apart from that, the head gasket and head studs are all the original 1994 parts Toyota put in there.”

 Weighing in at an estimated 1350kg and with 670hp through the tyres, the Torry laid down some impressive times during Drag Challenge 2017, with a PB of 9.12@149mph on Day Five, landing Mark in 10th spot in the highly competitive Radial Blown class.

“We run E85 when I race it, but I had it on 98 for the road,” Mark says. “The E85 was in a fuel cell, and I’d change the tanks over at the track. It was pretty easy, as I could flush the lines so I knew I was running on 100 per cent E85 at the track.”

 Amazingly, Mark had done only a handful of runs in the car before setting out on Australia’s ultimate drag racing torture test. “It had done about eight runs before coming on Drag Challenge,” he says. “I got kicked out twice and was going to ’cage it when a mate suggested I do Drag Challenge, so that’s what I did.

“The car ran fine all week; I actually had more trouble with the trailer, as it blew a tail-light globe and the hitch was a bit wobbly.

“I’d like to come back for more, but I don’t know what it needs to go faster – maybe a bigger turbo and plenum.”