BRENDEN ‘Bubba’ Medlyn leads Street Machine Drag Challenge 2016 after day one of racing. Bubba’s twin-turbo 370-cube Holden-powered VH Commodore has really come alive this year, and seems to be hooking up noticeably better off the line than last year. It’s also making way more power!

After reeling off an 8.2 and an 8.1 on his first two passes, Bubba came around a third time with an 8.0 – the fastest time of the day by a couple of tenths. As far as we know, Bubba hasn’t had any mechanical dramas so we’ll see if he can hang onto his lead tomorrow and the rest of the week. No doubt Mark Drew in the Torana, Terry Seng in his VC Commodore and Adam Rogash in his NOSHOW HSV will be keen to reel in Bubba and run quick times at Heathcote before we head to the eighth mile tracks. The 2JZ-powered Toyota Lexcen of Chris Veleski was in third place overall, but we're hearing that they found a dud bearing while replacing their water pump last night and are out of the event. 

Day one - Top Five in each class

Turbosmart Outlaw Blown
Bubba Medlyn VH Commodore 8.016
Harry Haig HQ Sedan 8.681
Jarrod Wood HQ Tonner 8.835
Luke Foley VH Commodore 8.84
Todd Foley VH Commodore 8.993
Mothers Outlaw Aspirated
Mark Clifford Ford Mustang 9.354
Stephen Micallef HQ Holden 9.436
Steve Reimann Dodge Dart 9.93
Andrew Mclellan Plymouth Cuda 10.806
Jon Mitchell Dodge Challenger 10.859
Haltech Radial Blown
Adam Rogash  VT Clubsport 8.326
Chris Veleski Toyota Lexcen 8.427
Mark Drew LH Torana 8.442
Terry Seng VC Commodore 8.872
Brad Lane/ Luke Grima Red Torana 8.988
Earl's Radial Aspirated
Alon Vella Ford Capri 9.272
Nathan Ghosn Ford Capri 9.866
John Micallef LH Torana 10.087
George Haddad XR Falcon 10.404
Murray Kelly  HT Holden 10.627
Tuff Mounts DYO
Ryan Thompson VS Statesman 9.871
David Best VY Commodore S/C 10.068
Steve Grima VK Commodore 10.176
Robert Adamo Ford Bronco 10.643
Jay Jeffreys  VK Commodore 10.675

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