OVER the Australia Day long weekend, we crossed international waters into Tasmania for Powercruise #70 at Symmons Plains Raceway, for a few days of fun in our Carnage twin-turbo V8 Mazda MX-5. What a weekend! We certainly picked an appropriate name for the show, because yep, it was absolute carnage, but you’ll see all of that in a few weeks when we release the video.

For now, here are some highlights from a weekend with some killer cars at a really cool race track. A heap of big-name mainland cars also made the journey across Bass Strait, with Andrew Lynch in LYNCHY, Mark Schwarz in HANFUL, Andrew Pool in IBLOWN, Danny Younis with his blown Capri and Rodney Waters in KRANKY all joining the locals.

Lynchy went through countless sets of tyres in his LS-powered Corolla, and his antics out on the track were insane. Danny Younis was another guy that can slide a car around a corner, and props to Mark Schwarz for drifting that gnarly HQ Monaro around!

Check out the video to see some of the action. 

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