STRAIGHT off the bat on day one, Suzie Bauter's 1963 Rambler American wagon shot into our Top Ten cars for the SEMA Show, 2017. Built at home for both autocross and street duties, this oddball weapon ticks all the boxes. 

1963 Rambler Wagon

Suzie followed her husband into the world of autocross racing and decided on the 1963 Ramber American wagon as her weapon of choice. Under the bonnet is a 5.3-litre LS motor, with a TH700R auto 'box behind. Suspension up front is based on a first-generation Camaro, with a fifth-generation Camaro IRS at the back. AMC Rambler Wagon

And while the car has been built with a very specific purpose in mind, it is brimming with stylish detail inside and out. Enjoy the video!



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