FOR three days, Damo from BG Engines in North Richmond, NSW has been like a kid in a candy store with a gold Mastercard. He’s been playing around with the motor out of Rod Waters’s KRANKY HQ Holden on the engine dyno, and is tickled by the numbers it’s pumping out. 

Kranky Holden HQ engineAfter two days of testing and tuning, the 8/71-blown, 515ci big-block Chev had put out a best of 1472hp, but the old TBS blower is on the way out and is only good for around 16-17 pounds of boost. 

But on the third day, with the Street Machine cameras rolling and atmospheric conditions improving, Damo managed to fetch a high of 1483hp out of it. He then simulated a burnout on the dyno, just for laughs.

Karnaky HQ Holden engineRod’s engine is our Mill Of The Month in the September issue of Street Machine (on sale this Thursday!), so be sure to grab a copy and check it out. In the meantime, crank the volume, watch the video and enjoy. The sound that comes flying out of this monster engine is just plain crazy!

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