WHEN it comes to big horsepower LS combos, the tried and tested method is to whack on a turbo and wind up the boost. But similar numbers can be achieved the old fashioned – and probably more expensive - way with a carby and a bunch of high-quality parts.

LSX 417Ci Engine Quickfuel 1050 CarbThe guys at Adicted Performance just recently finished building up this stout 417-cube carburetted LSX motor. It wears Higgins CNC-ported cylinder heads, a massive two-piece Mast Motorsports intake manifold and a Quick Fuel Street 1050 carby. The block is decked out with a Magnum crank, Compstar rods and CP pistons, with a solid roller camshaft. She spins up to 8000rpm and loves the high revs, making a peak 757hp up at 7900rpm. Not bad for an all-motor small-block on pump 98 juice!

LSX 417Ci Engine Dyno SheetNext step is to bolt on a 200 shot of nitrous and let her eat. Previously this combo has gone 9.60 down the quarter in a VK Commodore, and now it’s making even more grunt. Add in the giggle gas and we’ll really be laughing! 

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