ALL BIG names were out testing at Sydney Dragway before the Australian Pro Street Finals last Saturday, and there were plenty of personal bests.

Adam Styles ran 8.13 at 172mph with his home-built Torana, Nikki Hepburn drove her twin-turbo block Gemini to its first six-second pass with a 6.92 at 204mph, and Victorian Daniel Nunziante cranked out a totally insane 6.83 at 224mph with his Outlaw Radial-spec Ford Cortina; cementing the title of “Quickest radial tyred car” in the country.

Each achievement was newsworthy in its own right, but if Pro Street wasn’t enough to get your motor running there were also plenty of extreme 10.5 cars testing alongside nostalgic funny cars and even a couple wheelstanders.

Throw in a couple epic bumper riding pro street wheelstands, engine blow ups, and some out-of-shape quarter mile action and you’ve got five minutes of the best action from Friday’s testing, but make sure you come back tomorrow for our Saturday event report.

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