IN VIDEO - Australia's Quickest XR6 Turbo

WHEN Ford Australia introduced the XR6 Turbo in 2002 no one would have guessed that a bit over a decade later there would be examples making over 1600hp and running the standing quarter mile in seven seconds, but here we are.

Dion Amato’s FG Falcon XR6 Turbo dipped into the seven second zone at Sydney Dragway recently during testing and then he backed it up a day later during racing. His quickest run of the weekend was 7.94 at 175mph and he reckons there’s more to come. The 4-litre engine has been destroked to 3.7-litres for more rpm and runs the best of everything to handle the 38psi boost being shoved into it by the massive GT55 Garrett turbo.

At the moment Dion is only revving the engine to 8500rpm but he’s going to up the rpm to 9500 soon for even more performance. Where is it going to stop? Who knows!


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