THE field of burnout competitors here at Red CentreNATS is massive! We had a whopping six hours of burnout action last night out at Alice Springs Inland Dragway. With many cars coming from the Northern Territory plus a whole heap of guys from interstate, it was a massive day!

Such is the quality of the Burnout Masters field at Red Centre Nats this year, there were heaps of tough blown and injected dedicated skid cars in the regular burnout comp. We saw the likes of Tom Beltrame in INFERNO, John Pilla in RUTHLESS, Andrew Kerr in SYCOR8 and more mixing it with the local guys. The top three cars from Saturday will compete with the top 10 burnout masters from yesterday. 

We'll post a video of the Red CentreNATS Burnout Masters qualifying later today, so stay tuned. 

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