IN THE world of burnouts, Tread Cemetery is a unique concept. Instead of it being one person and their car up against the world, Tread Cemetery is all about the team effort. May the best team win!

But like any burnout competition, there’s rules to abide by. You can’t just fill your team with the biggest and baddest supercharged burnout cars in the country. Each team needs five cars, and at least one of them has to be naturally aspirated, and there’s an overall team capacity limit of 2000ci, which means they can’t all be massive 600ci+ big-blocks.

This was the first year for the event at Lardner Park, and 19 teams showed up to play – giving spectators 95 burnouts to watch just in round one alone! Throw in the semi-finals and finals and that’s almost 130 killer smoke shows.

The top four teams went into a heads-up elimination, with last year’s winners Rods Out Racing up against the Sydney-based Commodore-only H8tread team in the first semi-final. The other pairing saw last year’s runners-up, the Donut Kings, going head-to-head against Addicted To Skids; the winners of each semi would go into the final.

The final saw H8tread up against the Donut Kings, and it was the closest match-up of the competition. Paul Cook, Ross Heasley, Lisa Howie, Daniel Blok and James McGregor gave it their all, but they couldn’t quite match the Commodores of Steve Marsh, Mark Montgomery, Jason Sutton, Shane D’Amato and Craig Whiddett. H8tread took the win by just 23 points.

Moving the event to Lardner Park to be part of Cruise 4 Charity seemed to be well-received, and we’re tipping that they’ll be back there again next year. The video we’ve created here shows the best moments of qualifying. We’ll post the finals in a couple days.



1. Rods Out Racing - 1068 pts
2. Donut Kings - 997
3. Addicted to Skids - 981
4. H8tread - 970
5. Rim Reapers - 963
6. A1 - 942
7. Powerhouse - 935
8. WENIL8TYRES - 841
9. FSU - 838
10. State of Damage - 834
11. Death Squad - 810
12. Entyre Meltdown - 789
13. Loose Kids Love Skids - 757
14. Alcohol Zombies - 708
15. RYDO  - 664
16. ADIDAS - 652
17. Carnage - 601
18. Valley’s Most Wanted - 508
19. Total Tyre Elimination - 479


H8tread - 1082 
Rods Out Racing - 996

Donut Kings - 990
Addicted to Skids - 622

H8tread - 1067
Donut Kings - 1044

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