WE’VE seen plenty of weirdness on the burnout pad over the years, but nothing quite like what went wrong with Peter Grmusa’s front suspension at Tread Cemetery on the weekend.

“You wouldn’t believe it; we lost the bloody nut off the top ball joint!” Peter says. With nothing holding the ball joint in the upper A-arm, the top half of the suspension floated free, and the result is plain to see in this video.

“We actually found the nut back at the factory, so it has been off it for a little while,” Peter says. “I was fighting the steering and it just wouldn’t go where I wanted to go. At first I was thinking: ‘What’s wrong with this track?’”

The XR Falcon is also sporting a new combo. Gone is the big-cube Ford V8, and in its place there’s a 702ci big-block Chev with a 16/71 Littlefield blower making around 2000hp. It was sounding insane until the blower belt broke.

“It’s out of control,” Peter says. “You barely have to touch the pedal, but it was a good little test just before Summernats. I feel real confident with this new combo.”

2000hp at Summernats? Bring it on!

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