AUSTRALIANS have proven time and again that they will fit a V8 into just about anything – including this tiny Suzuki Mighty Boy ute.

If you’re not familiar with the Mighty Boy, it may be because they didn’t make them for very long. Built from 1983 to 1988, they were billed as Australia’s smallest ute, and were powered by a three-cylinder 543cc engine. At $5750, it was the cheapest car available in Australia at the time, but even that didn’t help its sale figures. It’s rumoured that less than 3000 were sold here and much fewer still exist today. In fact, they’re becoming quite a collector’s item.

Which brings us to Mark McTiernan’s amazing little machine. Built by Matthew Sultana about five years ago, the Mighty Boy copped the heart transplant to end all heart transplants. Out came the original three-cylinder engine and in went a 5.7-litre LS1 with a Turbo 400 trans and four-linked nine-inch. The diminutive machine did the rounds of the burnout scene for a few years with CURUPT number plates, and made a habit of laying down more doughnuts that anyone else.

Then Matthew sold the Mighty Boy to Mark earlier this year, and Mark has since rebranded the car NASTY8. Which brings us to this amazing video from Brashernats.

Watch as this insane little machine whips into the Sydney Dragway pad at high speed. With the engine bouncing off the limiter the Mighty Boy pulls off three complete 360s in less than 10 seconds. We could keep counting, but the amount of doughnuts is quickly lost in the sheer quantity of smoke produced.

It’s definitely the smallest machine in the burnout world right now, but is it the craziest? Who do you think deserves the crown of most crazy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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