WE HAVE only just hung up our framed certificate for the Guinness World Burnout Record on the office wall, but it seems our American cousins have already eclipsed Australia’s record of 103 cars simultaneously skidding, set at Street Machine Summernats on 1 January this year.

While there’s no official word yet on just how many Yanks burned rubber in the name of patriotic glory, early reports suggest it was in the region of 115 cars. Whatever the actual figure, the folks at Hot Rod magazine are already claiming the title.

Their attempt, sponsored by the folks at Continental Tyres, took place Tuesday afternoon US time at Memphis International Raceway, as part of Hot Rod’s iconic Power Tour event.

Naturally, we Aussies aren’t going to take this lying down. There is no argument that in terms of quality we are the leading world superpower when it comes to burnouts, but the World Record is a matter of pride and the Street Machine Summernats crew is already working on a plan to take our record back.

Whether we wait for Summernats 30 in 2017 or strike back at Summernats 29 is still up for debate, but when vengeance comes, it will be merciless.

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