WITH so many burnout cars having a sameness to them, it's refreshing to see something new and interesting. Steve Loader's RELOAD ticks both of those boxes.

It's been the most highly anticipated burnout in the last six months. Steve Loader's VF Commodore packs a methanol injected 532ci big block Chev, and no blower. A major departure from the typical burnout engine these days.

Many thought Steve had lost his mind, because everyone knows that if you want to be known you've got to be blown. Well that's what most in the scene seem to think, but the truth is that if you want to be known you've got to build something different. So rather than building another blown big block he had Powerhouse Engines build a high revving naturally aspirated screamer, with the back up plan of adding a supercharger if the Plan A didn't work.

But the big question has been, when were we going to see it in action? Steve hoped to debut the car at Summernats and then the Ultimate Burnout Challenge, but things didn't work out, and with no other events for the next few months, Brashernats was the logical place to make the car's competition debut.

And what a debut it was. With the revs cranked up to 8200rpm the Commodore sounded fantastic and had no trouble melting the tyres off the rims. Good enough to qualify for the finals, but Steve also had UCSMOKE at Brashernats so he used that to good effect and won the event.

Check out the video to see and hear it for yourself.


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