Kranky HQ burnout fire

OVER the years we’ve seen some truly spectacular burnout fires – too many to count really. So we thought we’d put together a collection of the five biggest we’ve ever seen.

Narrowing it down to just five burnouts was a hard job and we should give a nod to guys like Steve Loader with UCSMOKE, Fred Watson with FEAR and Peter Flint with OLD HOON, who have all had some spectacular fires over the years, but we reckon these are five of the best.

If you think there’s something we’ve missed, make sure you add them in the comments section down below.


MANY burnouts finish with a fire, but very few start with one, which is why we’ve given the number one spot to Rodney Waters and his KRANKY HQ sedan. Rodney even won the competition with this burnout, which was surprising given he set fire to the start-line shrubbery and came close to scorching a few burnout officials. With over 1.5 million hits on YouTube, this video is a favourite for many burnout fans.


BILLED as “The Biggest Burnout Fire Ever!” Justen Brown’s WONAGO torched itself in a major way at Mallanats. The fire ended up inside the cabin and in the tray where the fuel cell sat, and had many burnout fans starting to question the safety of the sport. It kicked off a massive debate on social media as to whether burnout contestants should start wearing fire suits. WONAGO has always been good for a bit of random fire action, but the whole car needed a respray after this effort.


JASON Rose’s NUTTD8 fire at Springnats was absolutely massive. Just check out the rear bumper melting off the car at the end of the video. What many don’t realise is this burnout almost ended in tragedy, as the fire made its way into the boot of the Commodore and caused the alloy fuel cell to rupture. Only the quick work of the fire fighters stopped the car going up in flames. We’ve given it number three spot on our Top Five for sheer insanity.


MOST burnout drivers do their utmost to prevent fire, but Matt Power told us he had his “fire pipes” on before starting this burnout at Kandos. A couple of quick pumps of the throttle saw the methanol-fed beast squirting flames through the guardrails, sending photographers and fire fighters scattering for cover. It was just a one-time deal for fans, Matt said afterwards – he doesn’t plan to make it a habit.


NUMBER five is a massive transmission fire during Tread Cemetery, where this Commodore sprayed trans fluid all over the hot pipes and engine. It didn’t take long for the whole car to go up and the driver was forced to escape the inferno through the flames. Which makes us wonder if sometimes it’s best to wait in the car for the fire fighters to put the flames out.

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