THE burnout guys and girls were out in force at Lardner Park last weekend for Motorfest 2015. There were more blowers than you could poke a stick at, and high revs were what it was all about.

Weatherwise, the long weekend started off looking pretty ordinary. But the rain stayed away on Saturday, and Sunday was even better – there were a few clouds about, but the day stayed dry and the massive crowd was treated to a field chock-full of tyre-shredding talent. Around 20 supercharged cars hit the pad during the finals, almost all wearing Holden badges. Which makes us wonder, where have all the Ford guys gone?

Saturday’s qualifying was done on a yes/no basis, and that saw 70 cars show up for Sunday’s action-packed finals. There were plenty of killer burnouts and monster fires to keep the crowd entertained, but in the end Mick Cleary took the win with his GMHAZD Kingswood, ahead of Rick Fuller’s LSONE VK Commodore and Steve Edsall’s VE Commodore. Ross Heasley with MRBADQ and Jason McIntosh with RACENU came fourth and fifth respectively.

We’ve got almost seven minutes of tyre-frying mayhem from Motorfest for you, so turn the volume up and relax to this symphony of Dunlop destruction.

1st Mick Cleary
2nd Rick Fuller
3rd Steve Edsall
4th Ross Heasley
5th Jason McIntosh

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