WHEN Leroy Rees of BIGV8 fame got up at the local Rotary club meeting and suggested they do a burnout show, they looked at him like he'd grown a second head.

But six years later, Lardner Park Motorfest is putting on a show that rivals some of biggest events in the sport. The best part is, it's for charity with all profits going to Rotary supported projects.

Run in conjunction with the Gippsland Tuff Streeters the show gets plenty of local support, but entrants come from as far away as Sydney, Melbourne and even North Queensland.

While burnouts make up a big portion of the event, there's also features the go-to-whoa, stampede events and a show 'n' shine for those who love the break out the polishing cloths.

However most are there for the smokeshow and with over $15,000 on offer there were plenty of big names vying for the cash, but it was Mick Cleary with the GMHAZD Kingswood from Portland who took home the $6000 first prize. Second place went to Rick Fuller with LSONE, with Steve Edsall and ROGUE in third. Because all three have already qualified for the Burnout Masters, the golden ticket went to Ross Heasley in fourth place.

Check out the top five from Motorfest in this short video, and stay tuned for some Gazzanats WA action. 

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