FOR THE first time the Summernats crew wanted thirty cars for Saturday afternoon’s Burnout Masters qualifying, making it the biggest ever.

They selected the hopefuls from last year’s Summernats and a swag of qualifying events from all over the country. This left just a few final slots to fill and they used Friday’s Last Chance Shootout to complete the line-up.

This year the Last Chance Shootout competitors were selected through a nomination system where friends and fans could nominate their favourite rides via the internet. Twenty cars hit the pad to fight it out. Some performed unbelievably well, others crashed out. Watch the video to see if you agree with the Summernats judges.

In the end they put seven cars through to the final; Andrew Lynch’s Corolla, Ryan Pearson’s HOLDON HT Premier, Mick Cleary’s GMHAZD Kingswood, Jason McIntosh’s RACENU, Shane Dubberlin’s VANTSY, Steve Loader’s UCSMOKE and Andrew Pool’s purple IBLOWN. Three of those cars ended up going through to the top ten.

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