ALL year, at the toughest burnout comps across the country, tyre-fryers have been pushing their cars to the limit in the hope of earning a spot in the Summernats Burnout Masters comp.

Over the course of the year 27 drivers are chosen, leaving just three spots for the taking by the time Summernats kicks off. These three wildcard spots are filled via the Last Chance Shootout, which is being held on Friday, 2 January. Twenty-odd desperados who missed out on selection during the year will fight it out!

The current list of contenders is below, and if you know of someone you think deserves a shot at a wildcard entry, you have until Sunday night to nominate them. And yes, you can nominate yourself!

The kicker is that those three wildcard winners will have to complete three potentially car-destroying skids over the weekend if they are going to have a shot at the Burnout Masters title. Brutal!

To nominate, click here: http://summernats.com.au/wildcard/


Craig Whiddett                                 CUTSIK
Fred Watson                                     FEAR
Gary Myers                                        GM176
Mick Brasher                                     ULEGAL
David Cufone                                   1FATRAT
Gareth Kerr                                       BLNUTE
Don Elphick                                      ONBOC
Steve Nogas                                     KILLAB
Matt Power                                        T4TUFF
Jake Myers                                        GM176
Warren Eustace                               WAZ308
Ross Heasley                                   MRBADQ
David Pendlebury                            PROPSI
Rick Fuller                                         LSONE
Darren Williams                               DIESEL
Damien Piscioneri                           XDERMIN8
Kevin Mantach                                 ALCOTRAZ
Mark Schwirse                                  BLOWN
Justen Brown                                   STRUGLIN
Phil Kerjean                                      TUFF ST
Michael Dobell                                 MRHQ2U
Adrian Cuthbertson                         SKIDMA
Brett Battersby                                  BLWNLUX
Domenic Luci                                   LITMUP
Warren Gersekowski                       1TUFHG
Craig Bailey                                      OUTLAW
James North                                     FRYZEM

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