‘MAD’ SAM Surace gained some notoriety earlier in the year when a Youtube video popped up of him teaching his son how to do burnouts in the driveway.

Cue A Current Affair outrage and front page news on a slow news day. Sam took it all in his stride and here he is taking his boys for a run at Shepparton Springnats last year.

So what do you reckon? Is he doing parenting right? Or wrong?

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  • Sams no fool. I bet many kids wish they had a mum & dad like Jo and Sam. Good old school fun.
  • Least he is teaching the kids that in a controlled environment is the way to do do it and not become another p plate street hack
  • At least they are off the street not dealing drugs So *** off bureaucrats
  • And how many parents have let their kids have a drink at home? He is supervising his kids doing something pretty harmless and a bit of fun. Who is anybody to say anything. What about letting kids ride motorbikes. I bet more kids have been hurt riding motorbikes on a farm than driving a car . . .
  • If I had kids and was in a area were there was room to teach them to do burnouts I would its better than them doing them for the first time when they get there license on the street