EVERY inmate in Junee Correctional Centre has, at one time, done something that has been deemed to be of detriment to the community. But the end goal of a prison sentence should be rehabilitation, and if an offender can re-emerge into the community having served their time with new skills, they stand a far better chance of becoming gainfully employed and staying out of strife.

With a TAFE NSW campus onsite, the Junee Correctional Centre achieves plenty of positive outcomes for inmates, which can in turn benefit the community. This this latest project – a WB Holden One Tonner which has been rebuilt entirely in-house (or so-to-speak) – will shortly be raffled off to raise much-needed funds for the local branch of Can Assist.

Powered by a reconditioned 253ci Holden V8 and equipped with an awesome custom tray and beautiful paint and bodywork, the car looks outstanding. At last count the raffle had raised in excess of $50,000 for Can Assist, which will directly benefit local cancer patients – an outstanding result.


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