WHEN Anthony Ivanovic first came to own this Holden VL Calais, it was already packing an LS1, Turbo 400 and nine-inch, but a series of engine and driveline breakages prompted a ground-up rebuild. Troy from Warspeed pieced together the current engine; a 403ci LS-based combo topped with an 8/71 Blower Shop pump that’s good for north of 1000hp.

The car was completely stripped and treated to a flat firewall and boxed rails, then 2SUS Custom Resprays laid on the Brandywine duco. The car is dripping with bling, and slung low over the obligatory set of 22-inch Simmons wheels.

blown VL CommodoreIt’s a stunningly presented thing, but that doesn’t stop Anthony beating on it like a red-headed stepchild. We’ve personally witnessed the car getting flogged to within an inch of its life at Powercruise Sydney, sending countless sets of tyres into oblivion.

LS swap into a VL Commodore - part 1

“What I love most is taking the car to events and really letting loose; absolutely caning it all weekend,” confirmed Anthony. “I don’t think a lot of people see cars of a level like this get caned all weekend and then thrown back in the shed like nothing happened. That’s the best part.”

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