THE Victorian city of Shepparton is one of the real heartlands of street machining and one of the jewels in the crown of the district is the Shepparton Motor Museum.

Currently home to Chris Bitmead’s XBOSS and many other cracking rides, the museum is well worth a visit any time of year, but this Saturday the joint will pumping as it hosts its first Lloyd’s Classic Car Auction

The lineup of cars on offer is fascinating. At one end of the scale is this XB Falcon shed find, reputedly abandoned by its owner forty years ago!

There are a couple of GTHO Falcons up for grabs, including this Grecian Gold Phase I. The bidding is currently sitting at a tad over $70K.

The other HO on offer is this gorgeous Phase III. The current bid for that one is $165K, but is sure to rise.

On the Holden side of things, this poverty-pack HK Monaro in beautiful beige is a cracker, with a claimed 92,429 mile on the clock!

At the other end of the Monaro scale is this recently-restored HG GTS, with a 308 and four-speed combo, as well as factory power steering.

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