What happens when you mate a VL Commodore body to a Skyline GT-R? You get Huss Ghamrawi’s crazy all-wheel drive, independent suspension, RB26-powered VL Walkinshaw replica. Huss wanted a VL that went and handed like the best Nissan GT-Rs in the scene, so he turned a VL Commodore into a GT-R by pairing the two together.

Huss loves the VL Commodores, but like many he was never overly impressed with how they handled. But he knew Nissan GT-Rs steered well and went hard – put the two together and you’ve got the perfect car. 

Over a twelve month period, Huss stripped down and cut the floor out of a $150 VL, leaving just the bare shell, then he did the same with an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R, but left just the floor and driveline. The VL body was dropped over the GT-R floor pan and the Nissan trimmed down to suit the footprint of the Commodore.

From there the VL was done up as a Walkinshaw replica with the full body kit and a custom interior was stitched up. A built RB26 stroked out to 2.7-litres was also pieced together with parts that Huss and his mates had lying around from previous GT-R builds. It’s good for a casual 871hp at all four wheels. The R33 GT-R driveline was also upgraded with newer R34 front and rear differentials.

Huss was sick of GT-Rs winning all the races at Eastern Creek so he made his VL a GT-R – if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. Check out the killer video from the guys at Inside Garage.

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