FOR many of us, the cars we desire later in life are the cars that inspired us in our formative years, and so it goes with Doug MacDonald and his HG panel van. Doug wanted part of that dream, so when he finally got his licence and a bit of money in his pocket, he ended up buying a van from his brother’s mate.

Doug ended up selling the that van and set out looking for a blank canvas so he could build the van of his dreams. He found a windowless HG sin-bin on eBay and the price was right. “It was going for $400 and there was only a few hours left before the auction ended. So I contacted the seller and he told me that it either had to be sold over eBay, or the scrap metal guy was going to grab it. I had to make a quick decision.”

Ten years and thousands of hours in metalwork and custom fabrication later, Doug Debuted the bagged, channelled and twin-turbo LS2-powered pano at the Victorian Hot Rod and Cool Rides Show. Now all that’s left is to dyno tune the car and get it out on the road.

Look out for Doug’s van on the cover of the February 2017 issue of Street Machine magazine

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