IN the world of A-body muscle cars, the Buick Special was the budget option of the Buick lineup. But when it comes to Ron Grabbe’s car, you can forget the word budget completely because nothing but top-shelf parts have gone into transforming this car from humble ‘60s family car to 1600hp pro touring style street car.

Update: Ron's Buick is for sale! Check it out here at Lloyds auctions

That’s right, 1600hp courtesy of a Nelson Racing Engines twin-turbo 427-cube small-block Chev, similar to what you’ll find in Steve Hopes’s Camaro. It’s more than enough to turn the 275 size street tyres to smoke and about 600hp more than what Ron’s other Buick A-body pumps out – but that’s a full-on custom chassis drag car!

Check out the video as Shane Hudson from World Classic Muscle Cars in Queensland who built the car talks us through this insane street cruiser and read the full feature on Ron's Buick Special here

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