TALK about a big engine in a little car! Greg Hood’s Shelby Cobra replica is packing a mammoth 557 cubic inches of big-block Ford goodness. It hits the ground through a Jerico four-speed sequential manual shifted box and a 9-inch spool rear end.

It gets up and boogies, plucking both front tyres clean off the ground with a hard launch and running low ten-second passes. It’s a bit of a handful, particularly off the line but Greg reckons she’s got a nine-second pass in her.

We caught up with Greg and the mental Cobra at the inaugural Northern Nats at Springmount Raceway in Cairns last month. The Cobra made it into the drag racing final on Sunday as one of the fastest cars of the event (although quickly exited after almost losing it off the line) and was crowned naturally aspirated dyno king pumping out 626rwhp.  

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