IT HAS the power to smoke its treads for a quarter-mile and the build quality of a show car, but more than anything, Greg South built his HQ Holden Kingswood to be a cruiser – albeit one with 1000rwhp.

In the engine bay is a 364ci LSX block that’s been pushed out to 427ci with a Callies crank and rods and Arias pistons. Topped with two Precision turbos, the motor churns out 650rwhp on a lazy tune, but turn up the wick and it’ll stomp out over 1000hp at the back tyres. The powerhouse donk is hooked up to a TH400 trans and sheet-metal nine-inch LSD with Strange axles.

Eventually Greg will get it on the strip to see what it can do and take it to a few events like Powercruise, but for now he’s happy just cruising it to the pub with his mates.

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