WHY do burnout cars catch fire? It’s a topic that has sparked thousands of 'polite' internet discussions and it’s something we get asked about all the time. Cars are lighting up now more than ever, but to be honest, we weren’t exactly sure why. So we decided to ask the people who’d definitely know – the burnout drivers themselves.

We spoke to all the main culprits, including Fred Watson, who pilots the very flammable FEAR Monaro, along with Steve Loader and Justen Brown, who both seem to be fire magnets no matter what car they’re in. We also talked to a few blokes who haven’t had any dramas with fires, to find out what their secret is.

Check out the video to hear the definitive answer – and to see lots of burnout cars bursting into flames!

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  • i think simple the problem is the people are wetting tires with >>>petrol or oil witch is very stupid thing to do ..some one will get killed soon so i say to those people doing such a thing they should be bane to do bur out . or they should be reported to the Authorities .
  • car doing burnouts is bloody awesome and when it catches fire I get a hard on for it
  • That video gave me an almighty erection. Whenever I see a burnout car on fire it reminds me of the late Queen Mother. She also gave me numerous erections.