JASON Musu has owned his Chrysler Centura for 20 years, and in that time it has gone from a factory six-powered daily running on LPG to a 10-second strip stormer. Under the bonnet is a 318-cube Chrysler V8 boosted by a GT47 turbo. The set-up is good for 600rwhp running 19psi on 98-octane pump juice, but the forged-internals motor has been built to handle up to 30psi.

Jason – a diehard Mopar fan – did all the work himself and spent years figuring out how to get the set-up running to his liking. “It wasn’t like doing an LS swap, where all the info readily available – I had to do all the R&D myself,” he says.

We caught up with Jason and the boosted Centura at Calder Park earlier this month; check out the video to see his car in action.

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