THE guys from MPW Performance and Powerhouse Engines in Victoria are putting together one serious beast for Street Machine Drag Challenge. MPW’s R&D NOSHOW VT ClubSport is being completely revamped with a new 427-cube twin-turbo heart that’s pumping out some serious horsepower. We’re talking close to 1600hp at the crank in a street car that’s going to clock up quite a few road miles in between drag strips come October.

NOSHOWNOSHOW has had several engine combos over the years, the most recent being a 419ci twin-turbo LS unit making around 1500hp. This latest motor retains the twin 69mm custom billet spinners but ups the displacement with a 427-cube Dart LS Next block with Powerhouse Engine’s new cylinder heads.

Check out the video to see this awesome engine on the dyno laying down some impressive figures. In the end she made 1614hp and 1408ft-lb at 7000rpm with 24psi - serious numbers!

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