THERE is something about Hot Rod Drag Week that appeals to Aussies, and each year the numbers of racers from Down Under competing in the event grows.

This year’s contingent is headed by Drag Week regular John Faraone, all the way from Western Australia in his fearsome twin-turbo Valiant Charger. Other repeat entrants are Steve Reimann and SM’s own Mark Arblaster in Steve’s 408ci Capri. Newbies include Harry Haig, who will be piloting Reimann’s Dodge 440, and the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Dianne Jenson in their 582ci LX hatchback.

But if Drag Week had a ‘most spectacular’ award, Greg Trapnell and his HQ Monaro would have to be in contention. The mechanically injected big-block HQ has been a stalwart of the Pro Street and Powercruise scene in Queensland, famous for its wild launches and spectacular powerskids. Check out the video to see the Monaro’s form, the day before it was packed in a container with the Jenson Torana for the long voyage Stateside.

Hot Rod Drag Week runs from 13-19 September, with lots of coverage right here on

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