IF YOU need more proof that Aussies will put a V8 in just about anything, check out this video from the guys at, featuring a 253ci V8-powered John Deere lawnmower!

Its owner Scott says that with its short wheelbase and narrow track it’s not for high speed, “just for burnouts”, and he performed some tethered test skids at Heathcote Park Raceway recently.

For extra power – like it needs any – Scott has added a Crane cam, Edelbrock intake and a 4bbl carb, along with a pair of vertical stacks.

It’s a wild little machine and we’re sure it’ll be a handful when Scott gets around to trying some freestyle burnouts.

If you’re keen to see more V8 lawnmower action, we’ve found another clip from Scotty’s Garage that shows a mower on the dyno at Springnats making 200rwhp as it tries to burst people’s eardrums. Check it out!


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