WITH the burnout scene evolving into an arms race to rival the Cold War, we have to ask: How much power do you actually need?

We’ve seen guys with 1800hp engines and we’ve seen others with 500hp donks, and while there’s no doubt that some of the big names are rocking some serious power, there’s some combos out there scoring solid wins with a lot less grunt than you’d think.

Take Ross Heasley’s HQ Monaro, for example. It finished at Summernats last year and was looking good for a run at the Burnout Masters until it snapped the snout off the crank during the World Record Burnout. It’s a killer car with 650hp at the flywheel, frying tyres all over the country, week in, week out. Apart from the recent crank failure, the Powerhouse-built 350 Chev has been ultra-reliable and destroyed hundreds of tyres over the past three years. It also qualified for the National Burnout Masters five times last year!

The engine itself is simple and built to a budget. It all starts with a Dart block, cast-iron Dart Sportsman heads, solid cam, Scat crank, Lunati rods and JE pistons, topped with a Weiand 6/71 blower and a pair of Holley carbs. It features a wet sump, runs on pump fuel and makes 650hp, all day, every day.

Which just goes to show you don’t need massive horsepower, methanol injection or a big-dollar engine to be successful in the burnout scene. Watch our video to see and hear Ross’s engine on the dyno. It sounds awesome!

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