In what might be the manliest display of good old Aussie know-how, these blokes from Victoria think there's no reason why cutting down trees shouldn't be V8-powered.

Whitlands Engineering is the mob behind the Superaxe and other 'firewood processors'. As cool as those machines are, this one-off, built-from-testosterone chainsaw is the only chainsaw you'll ever need.

Powered by a 253ci Holden V8, the saw's one metre bar is on video shredding a 550mm hardwood trunk into sawdust in 2.4 seconds. The complete apparatus weighs around 330kg and runs on 91RON unleaded.

David Burder, head honcho at Whitlands Engineering, says that his V8 chainsaw is the only one of its kind in existence.

"In America they have two-man V8 chainsaws but this is the only single-man one in the world as far as I know."

"It's just a toy, but I'm born of the opinion he who has the best toy wins."

Another great reason to always support Australian made.

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